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11 Aug 2017 by NIO Team

For students, internships are an exciting and crucial step between what you want to do and actually doing it.  You have to get the right balance of learning, growing your network, expanding your experience, and also having some fun along the way.  Very few companies can combine all of that, while giving you very real responsibilities and opportunities in the process.

07 Aug 2017 by NIO Team

Las Vegas casinos famously don't have clocks. Combined with the blinking lights and auditory overload, it's an environment designed for hasty decisions. That's how four NIO security team members found themselves making the hazy choice to enter DEF CON's Capture the Flag competition at the Car Hacking Village.

26 Jul 2017 by NIO Team

Mobile phones did one thing well: make calls. But advances in three key technologies--sensors, low-power computing, and touch-enabled digital displays with intuitive interfaces--came together to create the smartphone, a device that's shaping our future and become an integral part of our daily lives.

18 Jul 2017 by NIO Team

Over the past two decades, technology has profoundly impacted our lives, no matter where we live or what we do. Its influence is seen from the streets of San Francisco to rural India, and the pace continues to accelerate.  Nowhere is this more evident than the radical transformation of the car.

25 Apr 2017 by NIO Team

Last week my colleagues and I traveled to Shanghai for the 17th International Automobile Industry Exhibition. We unveiled our production car, the NIO ES8 that will be launched later this year for the China market. We also showcased two NIO Formula E race cars, seven NIO EP9s, one of which has the record for fastest electric car in the world, and our vision car EVE.